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Japanese Shochu

A hidden gem of Japan that is even more consumed than Sake domestically, Japanese Shochu is usually a Single Distilled (in a Pot Still) spirit that uses the traditional Koji fermentation techniques to showcase the flavours of the underlying ingredient such as Imo (Sweet Potato), Mugi (Barley) or Kome (Rice). An excellent companion with a variety of cuisine, Japanese Shochu can be enjoyed in different ways, straight up, on the rocks, Mizuwari (with water), Sodawari ( with sparkling water) or even Oyuwari (with hot water). No additives are permitted to qualify as a Honkaku Shochu (Authentic).

Definitely not to be confused with Sake (a fermented/brewed drink like wine) or with Korean Soju (a multiple distilled neutral spirit to which flavourings may be added).