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Wakatsuru Saburomaru

Located in Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture (Japan) the Saburomaru Distillery started production of Whisky first in 1952. The parent company, Wakatsuru Shuzo (Sake Brewery) founded at 1862, has been predominantly focused on Sake brewing and Shochu production until then.

They began malt distillation around 1953-1954 with the first release of “Sunshine Whisky” but halted production around 2016 when the facilities underwent renovation and re-opened in 2017 focused on malt whiskies. Further with the commissioning of two Zemon pot stills in 2019 designed by the traditional Oigo Seisakusho foundry (originally specializing in the manufacture of bonsho Buddhist bells), Saburomaru new make is quite unique due these atypical stills. 

Using a combination of Scottish malt, Toyama malt, Scottish peat from Islay and water from the Shogawa River system and barrels of Mizunara Oak, Wakatsuru Saburomaru releases its whiskies under a variety of labels inlcuding - Saburomaru, The Sun, MOON GLOW, Jade Rabbit, Sunshine Whisky, Junenmyo, Far East of Peat etc. The distillery also offers a range of World Whiskies such as the Moon Glow series some of which have been awarded at the World Whiskies Awards 2018 and 2019.