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One of the best kept secrets of Speyside, this is a distillery that has consistently produced some excellent spirit especially in its early days and as a very aromatic whisky with a mix of fruity notes and a fine balanced sweetness, this has long been a favoured malt amongst blenders and whisky aficionados.

John Duff (after having failed multiple times to set up distilleries in South Africa and US), very successfully founded the distillery in 1898, located in Elgin/Morayshire. The Distillery has constantly produced some excellent spirit without any interruption up to now and has been a key malt in VAT 69, Dewar's and later on in Chivas Regal. 

Even the father of Japanese Whisky, Masataka Taketsuru, seems to have spent some time working at the distillery and reportedly designed the stills at Nikka modelled on Longmorn's.