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Nikka Whisky's two unique distilleries: Yoichi and Miyagikyo

Yoichi Distillery was establised in 1934 by Masataka Taketsuru, he was the first Japanese who mastered whisky making in Scotland, valued the climate and natural features of the north. Yoichi, the place chosen by Masataka was close to the sea, surrounded by mountains on three sides and in many ways similar to Highland in Scotland. Masataka set a pot still using direct coal-fire when he built the Yoichi Distillery. This traditional coal-fired distillation is hardly seen today as it is difficult to control temperature and requires highly skilled craftsmen. The characteristics of Yoichi Single Malt such boldness and toasty burnt flavors are unique features of this distillation.

Miyagikyo Distillery was establised in 1969, Masataka came across a beautiful foggy glen surrounded by Norther mountains and at a junction of two clean rivers. Once he tried the water from one of the rivers, which is now the water source, he was so impressed and immediately decided to build a distillery there.  Along with the different terroir, the different distillation method of Miyagikyo creates distinctive malt whiskies.  He used a different technique to Yoichi, and this different distillation method results in soft and floral characteristics in Miyagikyo Single Malt.