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White Horse

The name White Horse was long associated with the Mackie family of Edinburgh. They acquired the White Horse Inn in Canongate, Edinburgh around 1650 and it stayed in the family until 1917 with the death of the last male descendant. 

The company can trace its history to 1880 when James Logan Mackie founded whisky merchant James Logan Mackie & Co., which by 1884 held a stake in Islay distillery Lagavulin with Capt. Graham. Taking the name from the inn James owned in Edinburgh’s Canongate, it launched White Horse Blended Whisky.

Distillers Company Ltd withdrew White Horse blended whisky from its home market, concentrating on overseas sales, and, although the whisky itself is still produced, the current owner Diageo dissolved White Horse Distillers Ltd. as a company in 2010.