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Sampling Sets

A variety of 6 x 30 ml

Japanese Shochu

Floral fruity & deep aroma"

Classic Sherry

Dalmore & Glendronach

American Whiskey

Bourbon & Rye

For Old Times

Blended Scotch Whisky

Single Origin Rum

Cuba, Panama, Barbados

Mizunara Private Cask Bottlings

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What is Japanese Shochu?

How is it different than Sake

A flavourful distilled spirit which showcases the underlying key ingredient.


Japanese Craft Gin (Shochu vs Sake)

2 different base spirits

Some common botanicals. Spot the difference and find your favourite.

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Single Origin Rum (Fine & Rare)

Cuba, Panama, Barbados

Take your pick from regional rums, aged rums or some navy strength Jamaican spirit.