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Founded in 1948 under the name of Amrut Laboratories, the word Amrut in Sankrit means "nectar of life" or "drink of the gods". In 1982, under the stewardship of Neelakanta Rao Jagdale they started making whisky from barley blended with malt while most Indian distillers were still producing whisky using primarily molasses. Their Single Malt under the name Amrut made its debut much later in 2004 at Edinburgh, Scotland. Amrut makes its Single malt at the main distillery in Bangalore, India which has a tropical savanna climate resulting in a faster maturation albeit with a much higher angel’s share of about 10-11% per year. Most of their barley is grown in Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan in India but they also use imported barley for some of their expressions.

The image of the pot stills is from our visit to the Amrut Distillery in September 2018.