Yasuda 100% Imo (Sweet Potato) Japanese Shochu

Barcode: 4931005033020


Size: 720 ml

Region: Japan

Distillery: Kokubu Shuzo

Age: NAS

ABV: 26%

Size: 720 ml / 1800 ml

This incredibly unique and fruity Shochu, very appropriately named after their Toji/Master Distiller – Mr. Nobuhisa Yasuda was first released in 2013. Using unique methods to make a 100% Imo Shochu using Sweet Potato ("Imo") as the main ingredient and Imo Koji - from Tsurunashigenji Imo, creates a more aromatic and fruity Shochu compared to the usual rice ("Kome") koji.

Sweet and rich aroma of fruits on the nose (some obvious lychee, hints of peach and perhaps some strawberries). Delicate, fruity, smooth and balanced while retaining the flavours of sweet potato on the palate with a warming finish, some dark chocolate bitterness and a very pleasant after taste. Chill the bottle and serve straight up or on the rocks. Pairs perfectly with a variety of food.

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