Mars Komagatake Heavily Peated (Mizunara Private Label) Whisky

Barcode: 4976881501836


Region: Japan

Distillery: Shinshu Mars

Age: 3 Years

ABV: 60% (Natural Cask Strength)

Size: 700 ml

A private label bottling for Mizunara. Heavily peated malt in a Bourbon barrel. Color: Light gold Nose: Dive your nose into the glass expecting heaps of smoke and you will be pleasantly surprised with a vanilla, malty nose. Add some water...smoke smoke smoke. Don't forget to nose this whisky even after you have finished the whisky in the glass. Palate: The sweet vanilla and malty flavours are rounded off by some star anise and spicy peppers as we roll the whisky in our mouth. The spices are very evident and the vanilla become pronounced with addition of a few drops of water. Salty caramel, anyone! Finish: Stays in the back of the tongue and slows creeps into the back of the throat with a lingering salt & spice in the mouth.