Kagami Crystal Whisky & Shochu Rock Glass (Made in Japan) Model T727-2763BLK Edo Kiriko

Barcode: 4940007080154


Region: Japan
Dimension: 74mm (Caliber) x 87mm (Height)・240ml (Capacity)
This beautiful hand cut glass comes in a wooden gift box. Perfect for enjoying a glass of whisky either straight up or on the rocks! Also perfect for other iced drinks.
"HANA series" is an adaptation of Kiriko featuring neat white flowers against subtle black backdrop. The cutting portrays imagery of the "Queen of the Night."
The first Edo Kiriko or Japanese traditional cut glass originated in the Edo period is believed to have been made by Kyubei Kagaya (a master glass craftsman in Odenma-cho, Edo or old Tokyo in the late Edo period between 1603 to 1868). Nurtured by the townsmen of Edo it designs and techniques have been handed down over generations through the past 180 years.