Private Cask Single Malt Whisky from Ardmore Distillery, Tamashii - Japanese Spirits or Soul.

Mizunara Releases Ardmore "Tamashii" Private Cask Single Malt Whisky

Mizunara The Shop

Mizunara's genesis and philosophy is grounded on a few phrases and ideologies. “Tamashii” is one of them and means “Soul” or “Spirit” like a craftsman's passion within striving for the best and is hopefully reflected in the various things that we do everyday. Artist Kenro Shinchi based in Koshikishima Island, Kagoshima, Japan visualized “Tamashii” into the label for this exclusive bottling and we are extremely thankful to him.

The Ardmore distillery is uniquely located on the fringes of the Highlands Region and sits at about 600 feet above sea level, making it the highest point on the Northern Railway in Scotland. Built in 1898 by Adam Teacher, the distillery still draws water from the naturally rising springs that sit on the 1,500 foot tall Knockandy Hill. This single malt whisky was matured for over 9 years in a refill bourbon barrel, cask #709239. Selected by Mizunara and bottled by Berry Bros & Rudd.

Color: pale gold.

Nose: subtle peat smoke, charcoal ash & earthy notes reminding us of fresh rain on soil combined with sweet vanilla, honey, citrus and fresh tropical fruits like banana.

Palate: a velvety texture with initial vanilla sweetness combined with a saltiness that finally gives way to peppery notes and spices such as cloves and hints of dark chocolate.

Finish: A warm, lingering saltiness which comes back & stays.


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Mizunara 的起源和哲學是建基於一些理念和意識形態。Tamashii 是其中一個意味著「靈魂」,「精神」,帶著匠人精神,認真對待工作,堅守著從細節開始,力求做到盡善盡美,以及希望我們的日常工作能夠反映出那種精神。我們很感謝來自日本鹿兒島的藝術家 - Kenro Shinchi 為我們設計酒標,以"日本武士"的形象把那種精神演示到我們這支獨家威士忌-亞德摩爾 的酒標上。

亞德摩爾蒸餾廠 (Ardmore Distillery) 於1898年由 Adam Teacher 創立,位於蘇格蘭高地的邊緣位置,坐立在海拔600呎,北方鐵路上的最高點,水資源取於海拔1500呎的 Knockandy Hill 的泉水。亞德摩爾的威士忌最大特色除了長時間在木製發酵槽裡發酵去製造清新花果香外,更特別的是它的輕泥煤風味主要來自於木桶,而非大麥。據聞它們的木桶是來自艾雷島酒廠,拉佛格 (Laphroaig)。

而我們獨家的亞德摩爾(Ardmore)威士忌是由我們的團隊去精選出來,Berry Bros & Rudd 協助去裝瓶。陳年在美國波本木桶 (Bourbon Barrel) 超過9年,桶號碼是#709239。

顏色: 淡金色

嗅覺: 淡淡的泥煤煙燻味,帶有一些泥土味道就好像剛下起雨,路邊土壤散發的氣息,再來便是蜜糖,香草的甜味,清新的果香和柑橘香氣。

味覺: 柔滑的口感帶著明顯的香草甜味,跟著來的竟然是鹹味,香料味也隨之而來,好像是丁香,少少的黑朱古力。

尾韻: 溫和胡椒辣味,還有便是揮之不去的鹹味,十分有趣。


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