New Exclusive : MARS Single Cask Komagatake 2017

New Exclusive : MARS Single Cask Komagatake 2017

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Immerse yourself in the exceptional world of Mars Shinshu Distillery, celebrated for its craftsmanship, innovative techniques benefiting from Nagano's pristine water and favorable climate, solidifying its position as a notable player in the Japanese whisky scene.

Mars Komagatake

Exclusively bottled for Mizunara, this Single Cask Komagatake 2017 exemplifies Mars' mastery. Matured for 6 years in an American Oak Bourbon Barrel #BT3636 and bottled at cask strength, this heavily peated Japanese whisky is a remarkable expression of the Mars style.

Limited to 184 bottles worldwide. Only 84 in Hong Kong


Color: Amber Gold
Nose: Fresh green fruits, sweet citrus, vanilla cookies and earthy peat smoke
Palate: Lemon tart, salted caramel, smoked bacon and oak spices
Finish: Lingering warm spices with earthy smoke & dark chocolate at the back

Mars Shinshu Distillery
was opened at the high altitude of 798 meters in the small village of Miyata in Nagano prefecture in 1985.  The humidity during summer is moderate and the water is of high quality, making the area an ideal location for whisky production. 

In 1990, the Japanese economy stagnated and demand for whisky dropped dramatically. Mars, being a relativity young player in the field, halted production in 1992. By 2007, the whisky market started to recover and Shinshu Mars resumed production in 2011, after
almost a two-decade hiatus.

MIZUNARA Private Cask:
Mars Komagatake 2017 Single Malt Heavily Peated Mizunara Single Cask Japanese Whisky

Region: Japan
Distillery: Mars Komagatake Distillery
Age: 6 Years Old
ABV: 61 % (Natural Cask Strength) 
Size: 700 ml

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