Cool Mint Green Imo (Sweet Potato) Japanese Shochu Kagoshima Japan

Barcode: 4931005100241


Size: 720 ml

Region: Kagoshima, Japan

Distillery: Kokubu Shuzo

Age: NAS

ABV: 26%

Size: 720 ml / 1800 ml

Satsuma "Masari" Imo (Sweet Potato) and Shiro Kome Koji (White Rice Yumetoiro from Kirishima) are fermented with "Kagoshima fragrance Yeast #1" to produce intense flavour compounds oils, esters and aroma. This mash is then vacuum distilled (in contrast to the usual atmospheric distillation) to preserve some of these clean and unique flavors. Isoamyl acetate is a component that leads to an aroma of banana and melon, and " Cool Mint Green " is characterized by showing a considerably higher value of this component than the normal Imo Shochu. Distillation method: Vacuum distillation

A very tropical drink with fruity notes of banana and dairy cream/yogurt, red berries which should be enjoyed with sparkling water.