A novel shochu experience at Asia Society Hong Kong Center on 23 May 2023

A novel shochu experience at Asia Society Hong Kong Center on 23 May 2023

Mizunara The Shop

The more the fusion, the merrier it is! A collaboration with ASHK for a members’ connection night with a theme of Fusion 2 (read below for details) & a novel shochu experience on 23 May 2023.

Fusion 2 brings together 10 talented young artists: five artists from Hong Kong and five of different nationalities, who have lived/worked in Italy and 2 different materials – marble & wood, which are combined by 2 different artists into 1 sculpture. Joyce Ng, Head of Gallery & Exhibitions picked 3 sculptures that she highlighted and the Mizunara Team paired these with 3 different Shochu from Japan.

The natural choice for the pairing? The Hachi Shochu series – which brings together 2 such different art forms as well - traditional Shochu making combined with an Oak Barrel maturation process while keeping the balance, harmony and perspectives of both these elements in the final product making sure that the Oak doesn’t overpower the Shochu, rather complements it with an additional layer of complexity and flavour.

While the guests were soaking in the sculptures, Yoshie San of Mizunara shared how she grew up in a traditional Shochu culture in Kagoshima & Mr Mohanty talked about how he got inspired by the whisky maturation process - together creating The Hachi Shochu series (next time you pick up a bottle of The Hachi Shochu don’t forget to read the label and learn about Hacchan – you may find some similarities here!

It was undoubtedly a fusion of east & western culture and a convivial evening for ASHK members. A big thank you to ASHK team for making this collaboration happen!