Discover Kanosuke: Centuries of Craft, Modern Japanese Whisky

Discover Kanosuke: Centuries of Craft, Modern Japanese Whisky

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Nestled on Japan's longest beach, Kanosuke Distillery boasts a rich history of shochu making, dating back to 1883. In 1957, they pioneered the aging of shochu in oak casks, a tradition that continues to influence their whisky.

Kanosuke Whisky Distillery began operations in 2017, releasing their first single malt in 2021.

What sets Kanosuke apart is their commitment to quality and innovation?

They utilize three pot stills (instead of the usual two) , a unique feature for a distillery of their size, and employ recharred ex-shochu casks for whisky aging, adding a distinct layer of complexity to their products.

Let's discover Kanosuke exquisite whiskies!

Single Malt 2023 Limited Edition
This Japanese whisky was distilled from unpeated malt between 2017-2019, then aged around 3 years in a variety of casks but primarily Sherry Casks.

The aroma has notes of banana, vanilla, ripe fruit, and smoke. On the palate, expect flavors of salted caramel, black tea, sweet red bean, and orange. The finish combines citrus, pepper, and lingering smokiness.

It just snagged a Double Gold at the 2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Single Malt
Distilled in their 3 pot stills and aged in ex-shochu casks, this whisky just snagged a Gold Medal at the 2023 International Spirits Challenge.

The nose has hints of herbs, honey, and ginger tea, plus a touch of anise and icing sugar. On the palate, expect flavors of juniper, green fruit, and a raw, spirity kick that shows its youth.

Single Malt Limited Edition 2022
This Double Gold awarded whisky at the 2023 San Francisco World Spirits Competition was distilled from unpeated malt between 2017-2019, then aged around 3 years primarily in sherry casks.

The nose has lovely notes of lemon tea, honey, ume plum, and Japanese cinnamon. Palate is all about dried berries, coffee candy, and old woodiness. Finish packs a spicy punch with a lingering bittersweet quality.

Single Malt FIRST Release 2021
Used re-charred American white oak ex-rice shochu casks - that's gotta be one unique profile. The nose is packed with oak, sweet lime, orange marmalade, toffee and a smoky twist.

On the palate, it's woody, with vanilla, cinnamon and a little spiciness. The finish has a bitter-sweet thing going on, with chocolate-covered candied orange peel and a dry edge.

This bottle snagged a Silver Medal at the IWSC 2022 and a killer 91 point rating.

Single Malt SECOND Release 2021
Distilled in 2018, this one's aged mostly in re-charred ex-bourbon barrels. The nose is citrus, vanilla, honey, and lemon tea. Palate has grapefruit and cinnamon sweetness. Finish balances fresh fruit, vanilla, and dark chocolate.

Scored a silver at IWSC 2022 and 90 points! Sounds like another banger from Kanosuke.

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