Can a Whisky Glass Make a Difference? Upgrade Your At-Home Whisky Tasting Experience!

Can a Whisky Glass Make a Difference? Upgrade Your At-Home Whisky Tasting Experience!

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Enhance your home whisky tasting and nosing experience with an exceptional tasting glass! It's a game-changer for three reasons. First, it concentrates the whisky's aromas, thanks to its narrowed opening and tulip or copita shape. Second, it unlocks hidden flavors by allowing the whisky to breathe, revealing intricate complexities. Finally, it's compact and convenient, fitting perfectly in your hand for easy swirling, sniffing, and sipping. 

Choose the Right Whisky Tasting and Nosing Glass:
But that's not all! We believe in the power of experimentation. Different shapes and sizes can enhance different aspects of the whisky. So go ahead, explore and find your favorite.

Handcrafted in Poland with meticulous attention to detail, Amber Whisky Tasting and Nosing Glass is designed to bring out the full aromas and flavors of your whisky. Elevate your tasting sessions and embark on an unforgettable whisky tasting adventure. Choose your whisky tasting glass and experience a whole new level of whisky enjoyment.

Blenders glass style - G601

The unique oval bowl, ideal for light, fruity and floral whiskies, has an exclusive “optic touch” finish. The tapered design enhances nosing of floral notes and intensifies the tasting. The slim stem and solid base ensure a perfect grip.


Amber Glass Special Desgin - G510

A tulip-shaped, handcrafted glass, ideal for heavy peat-smoke whiskies. Enhanced by a special "optic touch" for added exclusivity. Its unique shape results from careful glass blowing. Comes with a matching cover to prevent evaporation and retain aroma.

Tulip-shaped style - G410

A tulip-shaped glass with an amber stem, perfect for peat-smoke whiskies. Its tapered mouth concentrates aromas for optimal tasting. Crafted meticulously through glass blowing, its high stem and outward-curving top add elegance.

Optic touch finish style - G120

The unique bowl shape enhances light, fruity whiskies, intensifying the tasting experience through facilitated nosing of floral notes. Its slender stem and sturdy base ensure a comfortable grip, while the outward-curved top adds elegance.

Port wine glass style - G201
The unique bowl shape is ideal for light, fruity whiskies, enhancing the nose and taste. Its slim stem and solid base ensure a secure grip. An "inside" cover reduces evaporation and maintains aroma. The set includes a stylish, modern case.

Port wine glass style - G202

Designed with the whole black surface colour for blind tastings. No other glass will emphasize the beauty of Your whisky as superbly as this one. It transforms each tasting into a profound and memorable experience. The bowl and stem shape was based on model G200 & G201.

Grappa wine glass style - G301

This glass accentuates your whisky's beauty, making each tasting a memorable experience. Its unique bowl shape is ideal for light, sweet, fruity, and floral alcohols. The set includes a stylish, modern case.

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