Yamazakura Sakura Cask Finish Pure Malt Whisky


Region: Japan / World

Distillery: Yamazakura (Sasanokawa Shuzo)/World

Age: About 7 Years

ABV: 47%

Size: 700 ml

Matured in bourbon barrels for about 6 years and a further finishing in Sakura (Cherry Blossom Tree) Casks for about 1 year, only 300 bottles were released. Their own distillation has also gone through turbulent times in sync with the Japanese whisky market's boom and bust cycles with bulk spirit imports replacing their own production through these times. With a beautiful light golden hue and an exquisite balance of fresh tropical fruits, citrus, green apples and floral sweetness, honey wax, there is a certain earthiness which gives way to a hint of saltiness and spices at the back. Did remind us of Sakura Mochi as we were sipping on this whisky! A rare bottling given the time spent in Sakura Casks.