Yamazakura Pure Malt Whisky

Barcode: 4973373500377


Region: Japan / World

Distillery: Yamazakura (Sasanokawa Shuzo)/World

Age: NAS

ABV: 48%

Size: 700 ml

A pure malt whisky from Sasanokawa Shuzo featuring notes of cherry, oak combined with an earthiness. Their own distillation has also gone through turbulent times in sync with the Japanese whisky market's boom and bust cycles with bulk spirit imports replacing their own production through these times. Nose: Sweet caramel with fresh green apples, tropical fruits like banana and cherry crumble pie. Palate: On the palate, some definitive sherry notes along with creamy vanilla and nuts. Finish: Subtle peat that rears its head towards the finish. A balanced vatting of malts with an overall rounded profile.