Yamazakura 35 Years Old Ultimate Edition 2020 Rare Old Whisky

Barcode: 4973373607120


Region: Japan/World

Distillery: Yamazakura (Sasanokawa Shuzo)/World

Age: About 35 Years

ABV: 57% (Natural Cask Strength)

Size: 600ml

A rare and old whisky from Yamazakura aged for over 35 years. Initially in bourbon cask and reportedly finished for about 1 year in sherry casks. Specially bottled by hand at cask strength, this whisky is elegant, excellently balanced and rounded yet offering a variety of flavours including crisp buttered toast, ripe apricots with an oily texture and a lingering warm finish. A very rare bottle to find since only 55 bottles were released in November 2020 and each bottle has been hand crafted by Japanese Artisan Hideaki Kakurai, making each bottle unique and different than the other.