Satsuma Kiriko Hand Cut Small Whisky Glass Red (Made in Japan)


Region: Kagoshima, Japan
Dimension: 65mm (Caliber) x 75mm (Height)

The art of Satsuma Kiriko (kiriko: cut glass) has its origins in Kagoshima (also know as the Satsuma region) since the end of time of samurai in the 19th century. This art form was once lost in the turbulent times around the end of Edo Period and has since been revived in 1985 and the technique of Satsuma Kiriko is well recognised in world’s glass artcrafts due to their features such as “gradation” expressing the delicate aspects of the Japanese culture. Deshimaru Studio, a family owned glass producer in Kagoshima upholds this traditional technique while interpreting them into modern innovative expressions.

This beautiful hand cut glass in red, comes in a wooden gift box. Perfect for enjoying a glass of whisky or shochu neat/straight up!

Please note that these glasses are not tempered.