Sato no Akebono Kokuto (Brown Sugar) Shochu

Barcode: 4939222524017


Region: Amami Islands, Japan

Distillery: Machida Shuzo

Age: 3 Years in Stainless Steel Tanks

Abv: 25%

Size: 720 ml

In 1991, Sato no Akebono was released as an innovative shochu, made by a special method, known as vacuum distillation. Vacuum distillation is a technique that heats the moromi (fermentation mash) in a pot still under low pressure. With low pressure, the boiling point is lowered. The moromi starts boiling at around 45C (113F), resulting in lighter aromatic compounds in the alcohol being distilled earlier to deliver a light and smoother texture and retaining the flavor of its ingredient. Sato no Akebono has been aged for 3 years in stainless steel tanks.