Kikoji Ookubo Limited Edition Imo (Sweet Potato) Shochu

Barcode: 4539413000445


Size: 720 ml

Region: Japan

Distillery: Okubo Shuzo

Age: NAS

Abv: 25%

Size: 720 ml

Made from Baked Sweet Potato and Yellow Rice Malt. In the past, original Kagoshima Shochu used to be made from Kikoji (yellow koji) which has a special and prime taste. Inheriting this age old tradition, this bottling is the pride of the distillery, Its rich yet subtle character comes from the special yellow koji and the initial sweetness gives way to a complex finish. Awarded HKIWSC Silver 2018, HKIWSC Silver 2019 and Los Angeles International Spirits Competition 2018 Gold.