Navy Island Navy Strength Jamaican Rum


Region: Jamaica

Distillery: Various (Jamaica)

Age: NAS

ABV: 57%

Size: 700 ml

The Navy Island Navy Strength rum is a 100% pure Pot Still rum. The blend is made from 11 carefully selected small batch distilled rums of various ages. Navy Strength refers to rum that is bottled at exactly 57% alcohol by volume.

Tasting Notes: (From Distillery)

Colour: Deep Amber

Nose: Typically, Jamaican: full-bodied, complex with a high density of fruit starters, citrus notes and some wax.

Palate: Vanilla, banana bread and other fruits can be clearly seen. Oily with spices

Finish: A lasting sweetness develops, which is accompanied by figs and oak spice. It remains long and constantly evolves in the mouth.

IWSC Silver 2018, ISC Silver 2018 and 2019.