Milk & Honey Single Cask (Bourbon and Sherry PX) Single Malt Israel Whisky

Barcode: 7290109231747

$155.20 USD

Region: Israel

Distillery: M & H (Milk & Honey)

Age: 3+ Years

ABV: 63.8% (Natural Cask Strength)

Size: 700 ml

A Single cask selected by Mizunara, HK. The artwork by Saumya Bharati, an artist from India captures the essence of BALANCE in a partnership between M&H and Mizunara; in a marriage of casks between a 1st fill ex-bourbon barrel (char level 3) for 2 years and 10 months and a 1st fill ex-PX sherry hogshead (char level 3) for a further 5 months. Distilled from a single Concerto variety of unpeated barley (grown/malted in England), the cask was filled on 25/03/2018 at 64.5% ABV and matured in a natural environment at M&H’s Jaffa warehouse. Bottled at natural cask strength to retain the original flavours, we encourage adding water as per personal preference. Color: copper gold Nose: toffee, caramel and fresh pencil shavings Palate: sweet cinnamon, cloves, oak spices and black tea Finish: sour fruits and cocoa bitters at the end. This is a perfect Christmas Dram and matches very well with cakes, puddings, chocolates and the festivities!

A Limited Hong Kong Edition. This product is labeled as Kosher.