Kilchoman "Sado" Madeira Finish Single Malt Single Cask Whisky


Region: Islay (Scotland)

Distillery: Kilchoman

Age: About 8 Years (Not Stated)

ABV: 56.3% (Natural Cask Strength)

Size: 700 ml

Matured in a fresh Bourbon cask for over 6 years and then finished in a Madeira hogshead for over a year, this Single Cask Whisky has been bottled at its natural cask strength of 56.3% ABV.  Sado - the Japanese Tea ceremony captures a variety of elements of Japanese hospitality such as mutual respect, harmony and tranquility. The label has been designed by Artist Kenro Shinchi of Koshikishima island in Kagoshima, Japan to capture the art of Sado.

Nose: Mixed fruits, liquorice, citrus and sweet smoke Palate: Orange, spice and christmas cake, with warmest peat smoke and dark chocolate Finish: long with lingering sweet smoke and cooked fruits. Limited to 267 bottles in Hong Kong only.