Kanpou IMO (Sweet Potato) Genshu Shochu, Kagoshima Japan

Barcode: 4539413000261


Region: Japan

Distillery: Okubo Shuzo

Age: NAS

ABV: 37%

Size: 720 ml

“Kanpou” means Sweet Treasure. This Shochu is a “Koshu Genshu”, which means matured (for more than 3 years in tank and bottled at Cask Strength without any dilution. Typically the tank is topped up with new genshu every year and hence you can feel the harmony of the full taste of its rich aroma. The Key Ingredients are Kogane Sengan (Sweet Potato), Rice Koji (Black). A very nice velvety mouthfeel with intense sweet potato fruity flavours making it a perfect drink to enjoy on the rocks!

This bottling comes in a very attractive gift box as shown in the images.