[PRE-ORDER NOW] Kanosuke Artist Edition #003 Single Malt Japanese Whisky LIMITED EDITION


[PRE-ORDER NOW: Please expect delivery will be on or before end of June, 2024.] 

Region: Kagoshima, Japan

Distillery: Kanosuke Distillery

Age: NAS

ABV: 50%

Size: 700 ml

"Artist Edition #003" is a lightly peated (around 18 ppm) whisky and is the third release in the Artist Series from the Kanosuke Distillery in Kagoshima, Japan. It has been matured in a variety of casks (bourbon, re-charred ex shochu, sherry, and red wine) which has then been finished in Ex-Kokuto (Brown Sugar) Shochu casks from Amami Oshima Islands of Kagoshima.

The result is a single malt Japanese whiskey that captures the essence and diversity of Kagoshima. This is a Limited Release of 5,844 bottles for the Japan market.

Color: orange-amber. Nose: passion fruit, banana, caramel, black tea. Taste: Brown sugar, honey, nikki (a cinnamon like spice), sweet summer, ginger. Finish: Rich brown sugar sweetness with a hint of smoke (Tasting Note from Distillery)

The Artist Edition series from Kanosuke pays homage to the Five Elements that are an integral part of Japanese philosophy: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.  The Edition #001 (Artist Mariko Hirasawa/Wood) and Edition #002 (Artist Yuna Yagi/Fire) were the previous releases.

For Artist #003 the label captures the diversity of Kagoshima through the theme of "earth" and has been designed by Mr. Yukihito Kanai, a second generation dyer of "Kanai Kougei" (which dyes natural colors such as mud dyeing of Oshima Tsumugi, an ancient dye of Amami-Oshima). He drew inspiration from his visit to Kanosuke Distillery and the artwork features Fukiage Beach (close to the Distillery) as its motif. 

Please expect delivery towards end of June 2024, as this is a pre-order listing.