Highland Park 1978 Vintage Collection (33 Years Old) Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Barcode: 5010314091101


Region: Islands (Scotland)

Distillery: Highland Park

Age: 1978 - 2011 (About 33 Years)

ABV: 47.8%

Size: 700 ml

This 1978 Vintage Collection from the Highland Park Distillery was originally crafted exclusively for Global Travel Retail and bottled in 2011. Nose: Cedar wood, spicy cinnamon bark and camphor. Cloudy honey with hints of ripe melon and lemon peel. Palate: Rich and spicy. Sweet marinated stem gineer, toasted wood, and hints of jasmine. Finish: Long sweet with lingering spiciness. (Producer Tasting Notes). This bottling is a homage to the Vikings' love of travel presented in a beautiful oak box, with the image of an ornate dragon's head and which catpures the spirit of Viking craftsmanship.

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