Hamada Syuzou Distillery Virtual Tour & Tasting Event December 19th 2020 @ 2 p.m. HKT


Style: Tasting Pack & Virtual Tour

 Date: 19th December 2020, Saturday  Time: 2 p.m. Hong Kong Time

1. A "Live Virtual Tour" of Hamada Syuzou Distillery, Kagoshima Japan on ZOOM (Tickets available worldwide HK$ 125. Please select the "Virtual Tour ONLY" option in case you are located outside HK or you do not need the Tasting Pack)

2. The Virtual Tour will be followed by a tasting of Daiyame Sweet Potato Shochu of which a 900 ml bottle in included in this option (Tickets including Tour + Tasting Pack available in HK only. HK$ 275 including free delivery in HK. Please select "Tasting Pack & Virtual Tour" Option)

This Virtual Tour & Tasting is being organized in conjunction with TABITTO Travel Kagoshima. Their guide, Maya Aley, an American Shochu Specialist living in Kagoshima for 9 years, will walk you through the Shochu distillery and show the Shochu making process live during the experience. Maya is the only native English speaker to complete the Kagoshima Prefecture Shochu Maker’s Guild “Shochu Meister” Program through Kagoshima University, and is certified in shochu by both the SSI in Japan and the SSA in the US. She also works at a shochu bar in downtown Kagoshima. Yoshie Kakimoto of TABITTO, the moderator of the tour is also a Shochu Meister. She will  moderate and support through out the tour.

At the end of the tour, you will learn how to drink Shochu at home. Prepare your bottle, soda and water or any your favorite juice to enjoy!

NOTE: In the event of any technical/connectivity problems at the organizers' end, which does not allow the event to be held, it may be rescheduled to a later date. We shall not be able to reschedule in case the connectivity/technical problems occur at your end.