Bruichladdich 17 Years Old Rum Cask Edition 2011 Release Scotch Single Malt Whisky

Barcode: 618105916708


Region: Islay (Scotland)

Distillery: Bruichladdich

Age: 17 Years Old

ABV: 46% 

Size: 700 ml

This experimental Bruichladdich was matured in American Oak barrels for about 15 years and then finished in Caribbean Rum Casks (from Guyanan distilleries Enmore and Uitvlugt) for about 2 years. Released in Oct 2011. Colour: Pale Gold despite the 17 years. Nose: Very different than normal with extensive tropical fruits layered on top of cereals/malt Palate: Rich texture in the mouth with a very subtle balance between the wood and the spirit with some sweet rum notes Finish: Barley and cereal notes are back.

A rare bottle to come by.