Yamazakura Asaka & 4 World Blended Whisky

Barcode: 4973373607540

$129.08 USD

Region: Japan/World

Distillery: Asaka Distillery & 4 World Whisky Distilleries

Age: NAS

ABV: 47%

Size: 700 ml

A world blended whisky which combines Whisky from the Asaka Distillery owned by Sasanokawa Shuzo & 4 other unnamed distilleries from different whisky regions around the world. The key malt comes from the Asaka Distillery (Japan) while the other whiskies are from Scotland, Ireland, USA and Canada (& 4) 

Tasting Notes: A hint of maple syrup and floral notes on the nose combined with a rich malt on the palate with some cereal notes, hint of spices and and subtle smoky aftertaste.