Ardmore "Tamashii" Single Malt Scotch Whisky 9 Years Old


Region: Highlands (Scotland)

Distillery: Ardmore

Age: 9 Years

ABV: 56.7% (Natural Cask Strength)

Size: 700 ml

"Tamashii"  means Soul  or Spirit in Japanese. Bottled by Mizunara for its 4th anniversary in May 2019, this has been matured in a refill bourbon barrel. Subtle peat smoke, charcoal ash & earthy notes combined with sweet vanilla, honey, citrus and fresh tropical fruits like banana.  Vanilla sweetness combined with a saltiness that finally gives way to peppery notes and spices such as cloves and hints of dark chocolate. Nice long and complex finish. A limited release of 251 bottles worldwide with the label designed by a Japanese artist Kenro Shinchi.

在波本桶中熟成。 細膩的泥炭煙氣,木炭灰和泥土味,加上甜美的香草,蜂蜜,柑橘和新鮮的熱帶水果,如香蕉。 香草的甜味加上鹹味,餘韻有胡椒味和香料(如丁香和黑巧克力)。