Mars 20 Years Old Single Cask #618 Japanese Single Malt Whisky

Barcode: 4976881500822


Region: Japan

Distillery: Shinshu Mars

Age: 20 Years

ABV: 58% 

Size: 720 ml

A vintage single malt single cask bottling distilled in 04.1989 and aged for 20 years in American White Oak Cask #618 before being bottled in 12.2009. As many Shinshu Mars Whisky enthusiasts would suggest the American White Oak maturation works very well for the distillery and this bottling is a unique Single Cask at a high ABV of 58%. We understand that only 378 bottles are supposed to have been released.

No box is available. Please also note the level of the Whisky. Seal and bottling are in good condition with some stains on the back label. Sold in "as is" condition.