Yamazakura Pure Malt Whisky Brandy Cask Finish


Region: Japan

Distillery: Yamazakura (Sasanokawa Shuzo)

Age: About 7 Years

ABV: 46%

Size: 700 ml

Matured in bourbon barrels for about 6 years and a further finishing in Brandy Casks for about 1 year, only 300 bottles were released. While sweet & fruity on the nose (with hints of malt and subtle smoke), the palate brings through dried prunes combined with sourness of green grapes, malty notes and tannins with a pleasant lingering finish. A very enjoyable bottling indeed,

在波本酒桶中熟成約6年,在白蘭地酒桶中再熟成約1年,限量300瓶。 口感甜美而果味濃郁,將乾梅子與綠色葡萄和單寧酸結合在一起,餘韻悠長。