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Sullivans Cove

Sullivans Cove Distillery established in 1994 is the second oldest whisky distillery in Tasmania, Australia. They moved to their current location in Cambridge in 2004. 

Distilled in Tasmanian built pot stills, they use100% Tasmanian malted barley to produce a spirit of around 70% ABV which is then diluted to 63.5% ABV before filling the casks for ageing. The majority of their whiskies are aged in either 200L American oak ex-bourbon barrels, or 300L French oak ex-tawny barrels in the unique Tasmanian climate - generally between nine and eighteen years. The distillery gained world recognition in 2007 when their American Oak whisky won “Best Other Malt” (whiskies outside of Scotland) at the World Whiskies Awards.