Pōkeno Exploration Series Winter Malt New Zealand Single Malt Whisky

Barcode: 9421907135267


Region: New Zealand

Distillery: Pōkeno

Age: NAS

ABV: 48%

Size: 700 ml

Pōkeno distillery nestled in a warm, misty, humid valley protected by the volcanic hills which from which they source their pure natural spring water and sourced the finest barley from three family-owned farms in New Zealand's richly fertile South Island.

The winter malt was inspired by the unique selection of New Zealand malts that we chose for our mashbill: Manuka Smoked Mal, Chocolate Roasted Malt, Toffee Malt, Laureate Distillers Malt. Then the distillery aged the Winter malt in only the finest first fill bourbon barrels.