Mars Tsunuki 2023 Edition Single Malt Japanese Whisky

Barcode: 4976881505735


Region: Japan

Distillery: Mars Tsunuki Distillery

Age: N/A

ABV: 50% 

Size: 700 ml

Mars Tsunuki distillery is the second distillery of the Hombo Shuzo Group, launched in 2016. This is the 2023 release by the Mars Tsunuki Distillery in Kagoshima with a release of 35,800 bottles. This is the 4th product release of single malt whisky distilled at Tsunuki (The Second Release of the Annual 'Year Edition').

Matured in the bourbon barrels for about 6 years. Nose: Marmalade jam along with sweet notes of honey, pancake, and a subtle smoke Palate: Citrus fruits, lemon peel and fresh malt Finish: Full-bodied sweetness balanced by a pleasant bitterness.