Glen Moray "Ichigo Ichie" Single Malt Whisky 10 Years


Region: Speyside (Scotland)

Distillery: Glen Moray

Age: 10 Years

ABV: 56% Natural Cask Strength

Size: 700 ml

A private cask bottling by Mizunara Hong Kong to celebrate its 3rd anniversary. Review and Tasting Notes by Serge of WhiskyBase score of 90. For WhiskyBase Rating/Tasting Notes please click here. Mizunara team's own tasting notes: Color pale gold; Nose bursting with honey, apple, pear marmalade, subtle malt, toasted rice and hints of paint, varnish Palate initial sweet vanilla, honey, candy pop quickly giving way to sea salt, cardamom, cloves and dark chocolate at the back of the tongue Finish stays, warm and lingering spices.

Ichigo Ichie - treasure every moment for they shall never recur.

由Mizunara Hong Kong私人包桶威士忌以慶祝其成立三週年。 蜂蜜,蘋果,梨果醬,麥芽,烤米飯和淡淡的油漆,清淡的口感,最初的甜香草,蜂蜜,糖果的香氣在舌頭後部迅速被海鹽,荳蔻,丁香和黑巧克力取代 停留。

Ichigo Ichie-珍惜每一刻,因為它們永遠不會復發。