Samurai No Mon Limited Edition Sweet Potato (Imo) Shochu and Rock Glass Set


Region: Japan

Distillery: Okubo Shuzo

Age: NAS

ABV: 25%

Size: 720 ml 

Made with a variety of sweet potato including “Genji-imo” variety, combined with special breed of rice from the SAMURAI ERA. From 7g of rice seeds, it’s bred for the first time after 154 years.

Slightly sweet, floral, crisp and delicately spicy palate with a deep umami aroma and a complexity that stays in the mouth for long. Yet it remains very gentle, easy to drink and can be enjoyed straight or on the rocks. We would also recommend Oyuwari (i.e. with hot water) which enhances the aroma and flavours. Pairs perfectly with fried fish and meat, spicy food but also with some sweet desserts.

Awarded HKIWSC Silver 2018, HKIWSC Bronze 2019 and Los Angeles International Spirits Competition 2018 Silver.

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Samurai No Mon Shochu Glass

Region: Japan

Dimension: cm (Caliber) x cm (Height) | Capacity: 210ml

This beautiful Samurai No Mon shochu rock glass is perfect for enjoying shochu either straight up or on the rocks! Also perfect for other iced drinks.

Please note that no box included.