"Bespoke" Make Your Own (X x 30 ml) Whisky & Spirits Tasting Gift Set RARE JAPANESE Selection B

$13.06 USD

Fine & Rare Japanese Whisky 30 ml: EMPTY Mizunara Gift Box
EMPTY Mizunara Gift Box
Mars Komagatake 1986 American White Oak 30Y ABV 61%
Suntory Prestige 25 Years ABV 43%
Nikka Taketsuru 25 Years Pure Malt ABV 43%
Yamazaki 25 Years Single Malt ABV 43%
Hakushu 25 Years Single Malt ABV 43%
The Nikka 40 Years ABV 43%
Mars Maltage 3 Plus 25 Pure Malt ABV 46%
Hibiki 17 Years Blended Whisky ABV 43%
Kohaku (Karuizawa) 10 Years Single Malt ABV 40%
Chichibu Ichiro's Malt Dream Cask Zero ABV 63.1%

Region: Various

Distillery: Various 

Age: N/A

ABV: Various

Size: 30 ml 

Please select any number of 30 ml Whisky or Spirits from the Selection B available here or other Selection Sets A, C or D listed and add to your cart to create your own "Tailor Made" Tasting Set. 

NOTE: For any purchase of 6 x 30 ml (or multiples of 6 thereof), a Mizunara Gift Box is included. For all other sets, the Gift Box is also available for additional purchase.

Please note that these sample shared bottles have been prepared by the Mizunara Team.