Amrut KADHAMBAM Batch 6 Indian Single Malt Whisky 2017 Release

Barcode: 8901193111110

$259.53 USD

Region: India (World)

Distillery: Amrut

Age: NAS

ABV: 50%

Size: 700 ml

'Kadhambam' means "combination" or "mixture" in the Tamil language (one of the many Indian languages and spoken in the state of Tamil Nadu, Southern India). Amrut Kadhambam was matured in three different cask types - Rum, Sherry, and Brandy, which delivers a combination of the aroma and notes from these three barrels. Nose: Rich and floral, honeyed, nutty, new oak, vanilla, tropical fruity aromas Palate: Candied fruits, subtle oak with a light dusting of peat and integrated spice Finish: Warm and complex with a dry and long finish (Tasting Notes from the distillery). This is the 2017 Release.