The Hachi Japanese Shochu (6 x 30 ml) Tasting Gift Set


Region: Japan/World

Distillery: Various Japan

Age: Various

ABV: Various

Size: 30 ml x 6

This is a Cask Maturation Style of Honkaku Shochu, which may not fit into a formal category, but carry a proud flag of Shochu rather than dress ourselves as whisky.

This tasting pack includes the following bottlings:

Hachi Shochu Sweet Potato (IMO), Mizunara Cask Matured Batch 5, Limited Edition

The HACHI Shochu, Sweet Potato (Imo), Brandy Cask

The HACHI Shochu, Barley (Mugi), White Oak Matured

The HACHI Shochu, Brown Sugar (Kokuto), Virgin Oak Matured

The HACHI Shochu, Rice (KOME KASU), Refill Virgin Oak Matured

The HACHI Shochu, Umeshu (Nanko Ume), Sweet Potato (Imo)

Please note that these sample shared bottles have been prepared by the Mizunara Team. Please see the additional images for the Gift Box.