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6 Under the Radar Sherry Bomb Whiskies

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Many whisky enthusiasts are enamored by the powerful and captivating aromas that emanate from Scotch whisky aged or finished in Sherry barrels, often exhibiting hints of dried fruits, rich raisins, figs and chocolate. While certain well-known sherry bomb whiskies like Macallan, GlenDronach, Kavalan have gained recognition, there are a few lesser-known but very impressive Gems that deserve your attention.

Presented below are six hidden gems of sherry cask matured Whiskies from around the world that are guaranteed to provide a delightfully explosive and complex sherry experience for your taste buds. 

Sherry Cask Loch Gorm

Kilchoman is a distillery situated on the Isle of Islay, renowned for its peated whiskies. The Loch Gorm expression is aged exclusively in Oloroso Sherry casks, resulting in a robust and smoky whisky with underlying sherry influences. It offers an excellent balance between peat smoke and sherry sweetness.


Single Cask PX Sherry Cask

This limited edition single malt whisky hailing from New Zealand has been finished in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks delivering a luscious and rich profile, boasting flavors of dark fruits, chocolate, and spices.


Single Malt Oloroso Sherry

Paul John is an Indian distillery crafting exquiste single malt whiskies. Their Oloroso Sherry expression is aged in ex-Oloroso sherry casks, offering a unique combination of Indian flavors with sherry influence. Expect a soft and sweet palate with hints of nutty chocolate and fruit cake.


Linkwood 14 Years Old Single Cask Single Malt

Linkwood is a distillery located in Speyside known for its fruity and floral whiskies. This particular expression has been matured in a single sherry cask for 14 years, resulting in a whisky with deep sherry flavors and a balanced profile.


15 Years Old Single Malt

Akashi distillery combines Scottish whisky-making traditions with Japanese craftsmanship. This rare and exceptional whisky spent 12.5 years in Spanish Oak (ex-Sherry) casks and an additional 2.5 years in Japanese Konara Casks, contributing to its rich and fruity character.


1977 Vintage (Cadenhead) 35 Years Speyside Single Malt
Produced at the now-closed Caperdonich distillery, this whisky is a rare find. Aged for 35 years, it offers a complex and rich sherry influence with notes of dried red fruits and fudge. Cadenhead is an independent bottler known for its high-quality releases.


These whiskies present unique and enjoyable experiences for sherry cask enthusiasts, elevating your sherry tasting journey to a whole new level of amazingness.

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