Yamazakura Asaka "Sherry Wood Reserve" Blended Malt Japanese Whisky


Region: Japan

Distillery: Asaka Distillery (Sasanokawa Shuzo)

Age: N/A

ABV: 50%

Size: 700 ml

Awarded - The World's Best Whisky in the Blended category of World Whisky Awards 2022  this Sherry Wood Reserve Blended Malt Whisky was released by Asaka Distillery. Non Chill - Filtered and Natural color, this Whisky has been bottled at 50% ABV.

This limited edition with only 440 bottles produced worldwide is a blend of several single malts from Japanese distilleries including Asaka which have been aged for about 3 years in their respective distilleries, then finished in sherry casks for 18 months in the Asaka distillery warehouse. A very balanced palate with citrus notes along with honey, apple, apricot and vanilla with oak spices and intertwined malty notes.