Whiskies and Spirits Subscription - Explorer Plan

$77.02 USD

Duration: 1 Month Plan
1 Month Plan
3 Month Plan
Can't decide what to buy? Looking for recommendations? Join our subscription plan and expand your horizons through tasting and discovery of a selection of Whiskies and Spirits carefully chosen by the Mizunara Team. 

Our Subscription Box includes:

1. Six miniature bottles (30 ml) of 5 different Whiskies and 1 Spirit
The Set would feature whiskies and spirits from different regions, distilleries, cask maturation, age etc.. A perfect kit to conduct a tasting experience in the setting of your own home and explore the exciting and interesting world of Spirits.

2. Spirit Tasting Cards
Providing insights into the selection including facts about distillery, region, flavor profile, cask type, strength and much more. All bottles shall be numbered with just a label (without any additional details on them) and can be referenced to the Cards allowing you to conduct a blind tasting (keep the numbers facing out) and refer to the Spirit Tasting Cards later. Could be a fun evening with a group of friends!   

Subscribe for 3 Months and Save about 5%