The Akkeshi "BOSHU" Peated 2021 Japanese Single Malt Whisky


Region: Japan

Distillery: Hokkaido Akkeshi Distillery

Age: About 3 Years

ABV: 55% 

Size: 700 ml

The Akkeshi BOSHU is the third release from this new distillery’s “24 Solar Terms” (Sekki) lineup. 24 solar terms are the names that represent the seasons by dividing the year into 24 equal parts, such as the beginning of spring and the summer solstice. BOSHU is  the"9th" of the 24 solar terms and is generally considered the best time to sow grain and is also a time when mantis & fireflies begin to appear (as depicted on the label). About 9,000 bottles were released.

Nose: Vanilla sweetness combined with some bonfire, peat smoke Palate: Citrus sourness, some tropical fruits, caramel sweetness along with campfire smoke Finish: A tad salty, with some cocoa bitters kind of bitterness.