Mortlach 15 Years Old Distillery Labels by Gordon & MacPhail Scotch Single Malt Whisky


Region: Speyside (Scotland)

Distillery: Mortlach

Age: 15 Years

ABV: 43%

Size: 700 ml

A Gordon & MacPhail relaunched Distillery Labels bottling range of this 15 year old whisky from Mortlach - matured in 1st and refill sherry casks. Typically, G&M buys the new make spirit from the distillery and matures in their own casks at their own warehouse before bottling them. The "Distillery Labels" are a range that is bottled with the original distillery labels licensed to G&M. This bottling is characterised by "Sherry aromas combined with malty undertones and a fresh citrus edge". "Sweet candied fruit flavours infused with baked apples, raisins and orange followed closely by charred oak. No Box available.