Monthly Japanese Craft Shochu & Awamori Tasting Subscription - 30ml x 6

$181.19 USD

Duration: 3 Month Plan
New to Japanese Shochu? Looking for recommendations? Join our Shochu & Awamori subscription plan, discover this hidden craft spirit from Japan and expand your knowledge through tasting a selection that has been carefully chosen by the Mizunara Team. 

What you get:

1. Six miniature bottles (30 ml) of 6 different Japanese Shochu and Awamori
The Set would feature Shochu from different distilleries, cask maturation, ingredients etc.. A perfect kit to conduct a tasting experience in the setting of your own home and explore the exciting and interesting world of Shochu.

2. Shochu Learning Cards
Providing an introductory knowledge of Japanese Shochu each month. How to Drink, some home cocktail recipe etc... Enter the Shochu World.  

3. An opportunity to join the Complimentary Shochu Tasting in Our Shop (WCH)
Join our Subscription plan and get a chance to join one of our Complimentary Shochu Tasting at Mizunara: The Shop (Wong Chuk Hang). *Valid for 2 person, 1 time.

4. Spirit Tasting Cards
Providing insights into the specific monthly selection including facts about distillery, region, flavor profile, cask type, strength and much more. All bottles shall be numbered with just a label (without any additional details on them) and can be referenced to the Cards allowing you to conduct a blind tasting (keep the numbers facing out) and refer to the Spirit Tasting Cards later. Could be a fun evening with a group of friends!

5. Thank you Discount Cards
A Thank you Card for your purchase!! In our effort to be environment friendly, we would like to offer you a HKD 50 discount on your next purchase, if you are able to return the Gift Box along with the empty bottles (assuming they are in good condition).