Mars Asagi Madara 8 Years Old 2020 Limited Edition Blended Whisky


Region: Japan

Distillery: Shinshu Mars

Age: 8 Years

ABV: 48%

Size: 700 ml

A limited edition bottling released in 2020 by Shinshu Mars Distillery to celebrate its renovation which was completed in September 2020 after 35 years of establishment. The picture on the label is an art work by painter Tomoko Nakanoma of the butterfly Asagu Madara that usually visits Miyada Village in Minami Shinshu (where the Distillery is located) during September every year. Color: Amber Nose: Caramel, vanilla laced with spices Palate: Subtle smoke with vanilla and citrus jam Finish: Sweet with peppery spices and subtle oak.