Mars Komagatake Single Malt Japanese Whisky (Tsunuki Aging 2019)

Barcode: 4976881502901


Region: Japan

Distillery: Shinshu Mars

Age: About 3 Years

ABV: 56%

Size: 700 ml

This single malt whisky was distilled at Mars Shinshu distillery at Nagano in 2016, and then aged in the stone warehouse of Mars Tsunuki distillery in Kagoshima, which is the southern most distillery in mainland of Japan. This is a vatting of Bourbon barrels (mostly), American white oak and Sherry casks. Nose: Fruity aromas like ripe apples and citrus, followed by pastry cream and red bean paste. Palate: Rich, full body, and fruity on the palate. Finish: Long and luscious sherry sweetness, with coffee peanuts and continuous red bean paste. Total 2382 bottles produced